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Big Idea for Small Businesses: Key Business Insights

In this segment of Big Ideas for Small Business, were going to take a look at common business themes that emerged following my conversations with various small business owners over the course of this past year. One of the overarching strategies small business owners discussed is maintaining a personal connection with customers.

And this is true whether were talking about identifying the freedom audience, networking, commerce or what are you. According to Bank of Americas inaugural Small Business Owner Report, 47 percentage of small business owners linked commerce as their most important priority for generating more patrons. Here are the key tips weve heard during the course of the year. Get to know your target audience. Small business owner Beverly East believes that advances in technology have enabled small businesses to stay in one place and more establish meaningful relationships with customers.

And thats without ever having to leave your desk. And while this is true, its equally important to get out of the office and made to ensure that you treated with customers in the real world. Harmonizing to Ora Shtull, small business owners actually have an advantage in this regard. You can easily find out where your clients congregate and go there. Attend industry contests, networking contests, meetings, cross, that sort of thing.

Brian Kelly suggests that you examine how you connected to clients. Even something as simple as a affectionate accost or getting to know your patrons personally croaks a really long way. Another tip-off we heard connect with customers in real age. Philip McKenzie says there are a variety of ways to maintain a ranging engage in dialogue with your purchasers online. And whats great is most them are free.

For example, here is Phils Twitter feed. Now as we all know, theres all sorts of other options available LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube. And hitherto, according to findings from Bank of Americas Small Business Owner Report, it is about to change that despite the lure of social media marketing, amazingly, simply 39 percentage of small business owners use social to engage in conversations with customers.

Thats a missed opportunity. And exclusively 47 percent expend social to provide dismiss and treats and typically those are the best practice.

Finally, another key tip we heard was to offer not just good value, but extraordinary appreciate. Look , none likes to be constantly sold to, and so the best way to make a informal customer into a steadfast one is to refrain from perpetually selling to them. Instead, step outside the box and resolve routes that you can deliver added value to that client. For example, Carissa Reiniger goes through her consumer index and brainstorms one connection, resource or tip-off that she studies could be beneficial to her consumers. Now that Ive offered you some tips-off from your fellow small business owners, Id like to leave you with a few thoughts of my own.

First, create a new recipe. Dont time stick to approachings that are tried and true.

Businesses that originate continue to test out and incorporate brand-new rules, and then supplemented them into the menu. Second, emphasize your X part. What adjusts your business apart?

What do you do that is unique, and different, and special? Knowing what your X factor is, is critical because it is what allows people to remember your business above the din.

If you want to grow, figure out your X ingredient and emphasize it. Next, have a vision. Great occupations, big and small alike, are focused on a lot more than simply making money.

Having a perception for your business throws hires a bigger purpose and maybe more importantly, helps you understand where you want to go. Finally, create a board of advisors. Who do you know that could help your business grow? Contact these tribes and ask them to be part of your unofficial board of advisors. You can ask for feedback, attend what they could do to help you and find out who they know that can help your business grow.

Also, and equally important, dont undervalue the importance networking with other small business owners. Have particular business policies increased your revenue or contributed significantly to new purchasers for your business? If so, and youre a small business proprietor, we want to hear from you. Stop by Bank of Americas Small Business Community.


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