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How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Services for Your Business

in today’s video we’re gonna cover how to choose the best email marketing services for your business everyone’s needs vary from the amount of customers you have to the features you need and most importantly how much you want to spend on a service let’s check out 12 different options and at the end we’ll give you a rundown on what service you should choose number one MailChimp at the free tier users get everything they need to start seven marketing channels one-click automations basic templates marketing CRM and behavioral targeting with that alone you can run an incredibly successful email marketing campaign as long as you don’t have more than two thousand contacts if your list grows beyond that two thousand then you’ll need to upgrade if you do upgrade you’ll get features like a be testing custom branding event based automation and retargeting ads in all those different price tiers not to mention it has tons of integrations as well from wordpress plugins to native apps and zapier zaps MailChimp is free with paid options starting at $9.99 number two mailer Lite mailer Lite only provides free access for lists up to 1,000 contacts but they have slightly more robust features available within that tier including a be testing a vet based automation advanced segmentation surveys and email support mailer Lite is free with paid options starting at $10 per month number three Emma Emma is a premium product aimed at businesses and agencies they do not offer a free plan the smallest plan starts at $89 per month for 10,000 contacts the interface is smooth as butter and the drag-and-drop email builder is probably the slickest and easiest we’ve used some features include drag-and-drop editor real-time analytics a be testing advanced segmentation tools and rules dynamic content an email and phone support on the downside though Emma only offers one automation workflow for their lowest tier for $89 we would expect to be able to run more than one automation number for Aweber they are a top notch premium service that starts at $19 per month for 500 contacts to whom you can send unlimited emails Aweber integrates with nearly every kind of external platform available from WordPress to PayPal Shopify to zapier and so on for the standard $19 per month you get quite a lot unlimited emails image hosting stock photo library unlimited automations and segmenting tools it’s honestly hard to go wrong with Aweber but the biggest detractors to their service is the limit of 500 subscribers at their lowest paid tier number 5 Constant Contact this is a premium service that specializes in e-commerce integration and ad platforms that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hold up in other areas but it has additional tools for e-commerce users that other platforms don’t WooCommerce extension integration Shopify automated abandoned cart emails Instagram and Facebook ads Google ads online donations coupons event RSVP like Aweber Constant Contact starts with its twenty dollar plan being up to 500 subscribers and when you move up to the 2,500 maximum the price moves up to $45 per month number six drip drip is another ecommerce based email marketing service though technically drip is even more than that it’s a full-fledged CRM platform which means you get a ton of extra marketing tools features include incredibly robust drip campaigns personal customization SMS contact in addition to email and workflow split testing there is no free tier of drip anymore unfortunately and the prices start at $49 per month number 7 convertkit if you’re a content creator or blogger you need to check out convertkit you can set up drip campaigns segment users based on Purchase History personalized campaigns to interests search organize and manipulate your contact list analyze multiple reports via different metrics during the convertkit slack community for official support and community engagement reach out to support by email and live chat as well utilize automated switching from other platforms and integrate your emails with services you already use for giving webinar accepting payment task automation doing giveaways and more pricing starts at $29 per month for up to 1000 contacts and unlimited email sense number 8 campaign monitor while every email marketing service is focused on conversion and results campaign monitor is focused on ease-of-use and beauty to get those conversions and results they offer a drag-and-drop editor with hundreds of customizable templates for users and on top of that you get a slew of useful features that set them apart smart segments based on behavior interests and other metrics personalization of those segments elegant opt-ins full analytics suite integration with hundreds of apps and platforms inbox preview testing across multiple platforms countdown timers unique to each individual instance of an email pre-built segments and unlimited emails and unlimited contacts the price is nine dollars per month for the basic plan number nine ascend in blue this is a fully operational digital marketing suite you get live chat SMS messaging email service and a fully marketing CRM send in blue offers a lot for very reasonable prices there’s a free plan with pay-as-you-go options there’s a mobile-friendly designer Facebook Ads full database CRM builder for email conversion landing pages and SMTP for transactional emails overall send and Blue is easy enough for beginners to get in set up and start sending out emails paid tiers start at $25 number 10 mad mimi built from the ground up man mimi is meant to be a no-nonsense service it features quick easy and pretty email creation list management with segments and groups analytics reporting and user behavior secure delivery for spam folder evasion and service integrations via add-ons the add-ons you can extend Man Mimi with are very impressive they range from Zoho CRM the Facebook sign up to your list and way more prices start at $10 per month for 500 contacts and unlimited sense number 11 active campaign they offer email marketing automation a CRM platform for both marketing and sales as well as a live messaging system for your customer support broadcast emails triggered emails and email funnels custom templates for drag-and-drop building split testing logic based sending rules easy to understand and use personalization tags variables and logic timing rules for auto response advanced conditionals for email sending visual builder for automation flowcharts SMS targeting Facebook custom audiences for ads and the list just keeps going prices start at nine dollars per month annually and finally number 12 HubSpot HubSpot at its core is a crm platform which means that you may use it to nurture a relationship with your customers their email service aims to do the same thing you get lots of personalization options sleek and modern designs that are easily customized and detailed analytics along with a be test and behavior tracking other features include often forms contact analysis and behavior social media ads live chat traffic conversion analytics personalization for different devices preview for specific devices reliable deliverability and analytics down to a single lead the HubSpot email service is a free part of the HubSpot CRM inter mines each email marketing service we’ve talked about has a specific demographic of user in mind MailChimp is for those who want a free service where they can build a robust list straight out of the gate mailer Lite is for those who want a moderately robust list while working with multiple automations EMA is for a business or brand who values UX as much as you do technical features Aweber is for those who value long term history and tried-and-true services Constant Contact is for those who run an e-commerce business and want an all-in-one solution for email marketing and advertising drip is for those who want SMS to go along with your ecommerce marketing emails convertkit is for those who are more content creator than marketer campaign monitor is for those who appreciate any polish and solid UX for both sender and audience send in blue is a digital marketing suite for those who need every possible Avenue of contact with their audience mad mimi is for the no fer email marketer who likes simplicity and reliability activecampaign is for the marketer who wants a single place for email and SMS messaging customer support sales and marketing automation and finally HubSpot is for the everyman out there the platform does a little bit of everything pretty well but doesn’t specialize to a single audience if you’re not sure about where you fall this may be the one you start with and there you go you now know about the best options available and which one should work best for you if you enjoyed this video then definitely be sure to give it a like and subscribe for more content with that said thanks for watching and we’ll catch you in the next one [Music]


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